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Comparison of the effect of tea tree oil with baby shampoo in meibomian gland dysfunction treatment

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First Author: S. Zarei-Ghanavati IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF

Co Author(s):    H. Khakshour   G. Zamani                 

Abstract Details


To compared TTO effects on recovery of MGD signs and symptoms with baby shampoo.


Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


40 patients with MGD were included in this study. They were treated by daily lid scrubbing with TTO in one eye and baby shampoo in other one. Patients and physician weren’t informad about bottles content. Other medicatinos were same in two eyes. At first and then after 1 and 3 months, patients were exammed by slitlamp biomicroscopy and asked about their symptoms, in each eye, separately. At the end of the study, after analyzing data, we informed about bottle content.


Plugging and capping of meibomian gland orifices, foamy tear, glands expressibility, ocular surface disease index(OSDI) and tear breakup time(TBUT) were improved significantly in both eyes(all variables P value was less than 0.001). Recovery of above variables in left eye was more than right eye(capping P =0.05, other variables P less than 0.001). Scores of meibum quality, conjunctival hyperemia, corneal and conjunctival staining and schirmer test value were improved significantly in both eyes. There was no considerable difference between eyes. Lid margin telangectasia resolved in left eye, only(P less than 0.001). lid margin thickening and notching, trichiasis and distichiasis changed in neither right and nor left eye(P=1). Ocular surface irritation during scrubbing was more with TTO(P=0.002).


TTO controlled MGD signs and symptoms better than baby shampoo, but ocular surface irritation during its application was more.

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