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Corneal endothelial cell density in healthy Caucasian population

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First Author: M. Tok Çevik TURKEY

Co Author(s):    S. Cevik   R. Duman   I. Perente              

Abstract Details


To reveal the changes of corneal endothelial characteristics with aging amongst Caucasian population.


Bursa Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital


Non contact specular microscopy was performed in 564 eyes of 282 healthy Caucasian Turkish patients. Endothelial cell density (MCD), mean cell area (MCA), coefficient of variation (CV) in cell size, percentage of hexagonal cells, and central corneal thickness (CCT ) were measured.


The mean age was 42 ± 17.1 (6-85) years. The MCD of the population was 2732±305 cell/mm2 (range, 1904 to 3802 cell/mm2).The MCA was 368±41 m2 (range, 263– 522 m2). The mean CV in cell size was 34 ± 7 (range, 25 to 68), the mean percentage of hexagonal cells was 46 ± 8 % (range, 25 to 76 %), and CCT was 513 ± 39 (range, 407 to 623). There was statistically significantly negative correlation (p<0.05) between age and cell density, hexagonality, pachymetry. There was statistically significant correlation (p<0,05) between age and MCA.


Our data gives information abaout normal values of corneal endothelial characteristics in Caucasian eyes. Over the age of 20, the MCD of Caucasian eyes is more than the Indian and Iranian eyes and less than the Chinese eyes. Caucasian population’s cell density in under the age of 20 is 3101 ± 268 cell/mm2 were. This view is a higher estimate from the Chinese population

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