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Association of corneal mechanical thresholds with dry eye and ocular pain symptoms

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First Author: O. Spierer ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    E. Felix   A. McClellan   J. Parel   R. Levitt   K. Ehrmann   A. Galor     

Abstract Details


To examine associations between corneal mechanical thresholds and metrics of dry eye.


Cross-sectional study of individuals seen in the Miami Veterans Affairs eye clinic.


One hundred twenty nine subjects were evaluated with questionnaires regarding dry eye symptoms, corneal mechanical detection and pain thresholds using the Belmonte aesthesiometer, and a comprehensive ocular surface examination. The main outcome measures were correlations between corneal thresholds and signs and symptoms of dry eye and ocular pain.


Dry eye symptom severity scores and Neuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory (modified for the eye) scores negatively correlated with corneal detection and pain thresholds (range r= -0.13 to -0.27, p<0.05 for values between -0.18 and -0.27). Ocular signs correlated poorly and non-significantly with mechanical detection and pain thresholds on the cornea. A multivariable linear regression model found that both posttraumatic stress disorder score (beta 0.21 SE 0.03) and corneal pain threshold (beta -0.03 SE 0.01) were significantly associated with self-reported evoked eye pain (pain to wind, light, temperature) and explained approximately 32% of measurement variability (R=0.57).


Mechanical detection and pain thresholds measured on the cornea are correlated with dry eye symptoms and ocular pain. This suggests hypersensitivity within the corneal somatosensory pathways in patients with greater dry eye and ocular pain complaints.

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