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Treatment with hyaluronate and heparine in graft versus host disease

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First Author: J. Montero SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Munoz-Morales   M. Caro-Magdaleno   A. Alfaro-Juarez   M. Cabanas   A. Moruno   J. Sanchez Vicente     

Abstract Details


To asses the improvement on ocular surface with lubrication based on hyaluronate and heparine (hyloparin®) to treat dry eye syndrome (DES) measured with keratograph 5M.


The first ocular complication in GVHD is the DES because of the progressive fibrosis of the lacrimal glands and the chronic surface inflammation.Heparine has showed antiinflamatory and antiangiogenesis properties on damaged cornea. We propose the use of hyloparin® to treat DES in GVHD were inflammation is part of the pathophysiology.


It is a prospective study in 16 eyes of 8 patients with ocular chronic GVHD. We made a ophthalmologic examination with keratograph 5M (Oculus®). We measure: tear meniscus heigh, conjunctival hyperemia, NIKBUT, meibography and OSDI test. We also measure Schirmer I test, conjunctival and corneal staining in the slit lamp. Patients recieved one drop each 3 hours of hyloparin® during 4 weeks. We made a second examination with keratograph 5M and slit lamp at the end of the treatment. We compare the results after and before treatment with t Student test using SPSS for Windows (SPSS, Chicago, IL).


Hyperemia, NIKBUT, conjunctival staining and OSDI test improve with hyloparin® treatment with statistical diferences. There were no diferences in corneal staining, TMH, meibography and Schirmer test.


Lubrication with hyloparin® in DES in patients with GVHD can improve hyperemia, NIKBUT, conjunctival staining and OSDI test. It could be an adecuate tool to treat this type of inmune DES.

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