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Temporary relief of pain and improved vision in patient with bullous keratopathy when treated with a specially designed soft contact lens, the Hyper CL™ and hyperosmotic drops, a palliative relief of corneal oedema: a case report

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First Author: C. Feinbaum ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    A. Barisic                    

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Bullous keratopathy caused by oedema cornea, resulting from failure of corneal endothelium to maintain the normally dehydrated state of the cornea. Sub-epithelial fluid-filled bullae form on the corneal surface as the corneal stroma swells. Treatment includes topical dehydrating agents, intraocular pressure–lowering agents, therapeutic soft contact lenses in some cases, and treatment of secondary microbial infection. Corneal transplantation is usually curative. Modality developed by Eye-Yon Medical, the Hyper CL™, The lens is built designed with apical clearance, groove and fenestrations capable of capturing hyperosmotic drops and increasing contact time with cornea resulting in higher efficacy and longer duration. Case report


Svjetlost Eye Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia


Patient suffering from chronic corneal oedema in left eye complaining of decreased vision, ocular pain and discomfort. SLE revealed folds in Descemet membrane and overall thickening of cornea. Vesicles and bullae were observed on corneal surface. Guttate excrescences appeared as golden-brown confluent on endothelial surface. Patient treated with Hyper CLTM using hyperosmotic drops 4 times a day and antibiotics 3 times a day for 4 weeks Lens handling • Lens removal once a week for rinsing • After 2 weeks - lens removal for cleaning and disinfection and re-insertion • After third week - rinsing of lens • After 4 weeks - removal of lens at clinic


First follow-up OCT showed a substantial decrease of corneal oedema from 850µm to 740µm. Pain scale (10 high and 1 no pain): Before insertion patient scored 8 on scale and 1st follow-up pain decreased to 3. UCVA improved from 0,01 to 0,03. BCVA improved from 0,01 to 0,03. End of trial after -month usage, cornea swelled to 800µm and pain remained at 3.


This new treatment modality with the Hyper CL™ may have a place in the treatment of Bullous Keratopathy. Further studies with larger groups are of course necessary to properly establish safety and efficacy of the Hyper CL™

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