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1.8 mm limbal cataract surgery

Poster Details

First Author: C. Tabatabay SWITZERLAND

Co Author(s):    M. Bumbacher                    

Abstract Details


To establish the feasibility and safety of phacoemulsification and lOL implantation through a superior 1.8 mm square transconjunctival Iimbal incision.


Single surgeon performed surgery with either Zeiss Visalis V500 or Centurion Vision Sytsem Phacoemulsification ( Alcon) in MV Vision or Clinic Générale Beaulieu (Genève). Nidek NZ1, Zeiss CT Asphina 509MP and Alcon SN 60WF lOL were implanted.


A prospective consecutive serie of 65 eyes underwent cataract (grading 1-3) surgery during 2015. Patients were then followed-up at Day 1, Week 1 to 4, 2nd and 3rd Month. Central Corneal Thickness was measured with Haag Strait Central Laser pachymeter. Visual Acuity was evaluated in Decimal.


Both complete phacoemulsification and cortex aspiration, as well as I0L implantation could be achived through the microlimbal incision. No complications were observed during the procedure except for minimal sub-conjunctival haemorrages. The target ( -0.5 or plano) uncorrected VA of 0.8 or better was obtained in all patients within 2 weeks after surgery. The mean thickness of the cornea increased up to 13% at Day 1, 9% at Week 1, 3% at Week 2 and then back to baseline within 3 weeks.


Superior micro Iimbal 1.8 mm transconjunctival incision allows phacoemulsification, capsulorhexis and lOL implantation WITHOUT any further enlargement of the incision. Furthermore, both pachymetry and Uncorrected Distance Visual Acuity measurements showed an early corneal recovery and fast Visual rehabilitation.

Financial Disclosure:

One or more of the authors receives consulting fees, retainer, or contract payments from a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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