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Nine month follow-up on enhancement surgery following primary PrecisightTM, multicomponent IOL cataract surgery

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First Author: F. Sanchez Leon MEXICO

Co Author(s):                        

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To analyze nine month followup results on enhancement surgery following primary PrecisightTM, multicomponent IOL cataract surgery


Novavision Laser Center, Mexico City


Two patients underwent uneventful cataract surgery thirteen months prior to this study. The multicomponent PrecisightTM lens was implanted in both patients with resulting average UCVA 20/40 and with an average -1.25D residual refraction, at 4 months postoperatively. Under topical anesthesia, the original 2.2mm cataract wound was re-entered. Grasping forceps were used to grasp the front lens after it was freed up from the surface of the base lens. The original front lens was removed and a new front lens was injected and reassembled with the original base lens. This exchange procedure took less than 3 minutes.


Nine months postoperatively, the average residual refraction was +0.36D and UCVA 20/25. Both patients were extremely satisfied with the visual results. This represents the very first attempt of this exchange procedure. It is expected the refinement of the optical and physical parameters of the system will further enhance accuracy. A video demonstration of the exchange procedure will be shown.


The PrecisightTM multicomponent IOL was developed to offer patients a customized IOL prescription at the time of primary cataract surgery, as well as giving the patients and surgeon an easy way to correct or adjust any postoperative refractive surprise at any time postoperatively. This paper demonstrates the nine month followup for this 5 minute enhancement procedure which was beneficial for the patient and surgically, a very simple procedure for the surgeon. Further technical refinements should further increase its accuracy.

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