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Gravitational pseudo-accommodation in patients with an Artisan aphakic intraocular lens

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First Author: M. Miller SWITZERLAND

Co Author(s):    J. Lincke   M. Zinkernagel                 

Abstract Details


Due to the attachment to the iris, which is itself mobile in the absence of a capsular bag support, the artisan intraocular lens is subject to minute axial movement depending on head positioning. The primary objective of this study was to assess whether head positioning will lead to gravity dependent changes of Intraocular lens position and thus refractive changes.


Patients with a history of pars plana vitrectomy and IOL exchange with an aphakic artisan IOL were included in this study.


Measurement of the intraocular lens location using ultrasound biomicroscopy and automated refraction were performed in patients in supine sitting and prone position. Measurements were analyzed using a paired t test.


17 patients with either pre- or retropupillary artisan IOLs were included. Mean spherical equivalent in sitting position was -0.7 ±0.8 spheres and mean distance from the endothelium to the anterior edge of the IOL was 3.2 ±0.7mm. Mean spherical equivalent in the supine position was -0.3 ±1 spheres, whereas the mean spherical equivalent in prone position was -1.1 ±1.1 spheres, resulting in a change of refraction of -0.8 spheres (p=0.0045). The lens position changed from 3.41mm in the supine to 2.96mm in the prone position (p<0.0001).


The artisan aphakic IOL is subject to significant movement depending on gravity. The change in refraction of approximately 1 diopter suggests that there is some degree of pseudo-accommodation caused by a forward shift of the artisan aphakic IOL in the prone position.

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