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Results of intraocular lens implantation (IOL) with capsular tension ring (CTR) in patients with zonular dehiscence

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First Author: K. Eltutar TURKEY

Co Author(s):    T. Akcetin   S. Gurkan   B. Karini              

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To evaluate the efficacy and safety of CTR implantation in patients with zonular dehiscence.


İstanbul Education and Research Hospital Ophthalmology Department, İstanbul, Turkey


35 eyes of 33 patients with zonular defect who underwent phacoemulsification surgery with IOL and CTR implantation were included in this study. Female/Male ratio was 16/17. The mean age was 69.59 ± 11.56 years (31-84). All the routine ophthalmologic examination including BCVA, IOP measurement, biomicroscopic examination, funduscopic examination (in cases that fundus could be selected), A-B scan ultrasonography were performed to all the patients. Postoperative BCVA, IOL centration and peroperative complications were evaluated.


11 cases(%31.4) had Grade3 and harder cataract.The indications were glaucoma and pseudoexfoliation(PEX)in 7 eyes(%20), posttraumatic subluxated cataract in 6eyes(%17.14),glaucoma in 4eyes(%11.42), uveitis in4 eyes(%11.42).In 5eyes(%14.3) zonular dialysis occured intraoperatively.In 31eyes(%88.6)with zonular dialysis less than120 degrees,CTR was implanted into the bag. However,in 4eyes(%11.4)with zonular dialysis more than150 degrees and subluxated lenses, Modified CTR(Cionni ring,single or double eyelet)was used.Monoblock hydrophobic acrylic IOL was implanted in the bag in all patients.All IOLs were well centered peroperatively and postoperatively.None of the patients developed intraoperative capsular collapse,extension of zonular dialysis or iatrogenic posterior capsular rupture.Mean preoperative BCVA was1.03±0.37 logMAR.Mean early postoperative BCVA was improved to0.38±0.22logMAR(p˂0.001).


İmplantation of CTR is an effective and safe device for capsular stabilization by providing the anterior chamber depth and preventing the capsular collapse in zonular dehiscence and enhances IOL centration. Therefore, it increases the safety of the anterior segment surgery.

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