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Low intraccular pressure (IOP) phacoemulsification: an IOP of 30 mmhg equivalent to a bottle height of 41 cm is a new modality for cataract associated with advanced glaucoma, PPC or weak zonules

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First Author: S. Chaudhary INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Pandey   S. Jindal                 

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Every mm rise in intraocular pressure during phaco damages the optic nerve in advanced glaucoma, and is a risk factor in Posterior Polar Cataracts and weak zonules. In a routine phaco surgery, the intraocular pressure rises up to 80 mm Hg at a bottle height of 110 cm, and to 55 mm Hg in low bottle height of 75 cm. We performed phacoemulsification surgery at an IOP of 30 mm of Hg in an attempt to minimize the damaging effect of IOP on the optic nerve head, and reducing the risk in PPC or weak zonules.


Eye7 Hospital, New Delhi, India


Phacoemulsification was performed on the Centurion machine, by Alcon. This machine has 2 pressure plates to compress the BSS bottle as opposed to a gravity dependent fluid inflow system. These pressure plates are in turn controlled by sensors in the phaco- hand piece which maintains a steady intraocular pressure. The corresponding bottle height is also shown on the machine display for the set IOP. The IOP was set at 30 mm of Hg for all the steps. The vacuum was fixed at 350 and the aspiration rate at 30.


All steps of phacoemulsification could be performed comfortably without any anterior chamber (AC) surge. There was no difficulty in dividing the nucleus or in cortical aspiration. The AC was absolutely stable even during visco-elastic removal.


Low IOP (30 mm of Hg) phaco is a safer alternative to phaco with low bottle height of 75 cm (55 mm Hg) in cases like advanced glaucoma , Zonular weakness and Posterior Polar cataracts, where anterior chamber pressure should be kept at the bare minimum without disturbing the chamber stability yet not compromising on the quality of surgery

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