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Realtime, dynamic, intraocular pressure during microaxial phacoemulsification using two phacoemulsification systems: randomized clinical trial

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First Author: V. Vasavada INDIA

Co Author(s):    V. Vasavada   S. Vasavada   A. Vasavada   S. Srivastava           

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To document and validate realtime,intraocular pressure(IOP) during phacoemulsification,vis-à- vis preset IOP in a phacoemulsification system that uses active fluidics(Centurion Vision System).Further,minimum, maximum IOP attained and IOP fluctuations with two phacoemulsification systems : the Centurion and Infiniti Vision System were also compared.


Raghudeep Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad, India


Prospective,randomized,clinical trial.50 eyes undergoing microcoaxial phacoemulsification randomized to either the Centurion Vision System,Alcon(Group 1,n=25)or Infiniti Vision System,Alcon(Group 2,n=25).Fluidic parameters were standardized:vacuum 300mmHg,aspiration flow rate 20 cc/min.Since Centurion works on active fluidics with ability to preset IOP during surgery,in Group I it was set at 50 mmHg(about 65cm bottle height(BH)) and the BH in Group II was set at 80 cm.Using a validated setup,realtime IOP was recorded alongwith simultaneous correlation of surgical parameters.Maximum,minimum IOP and percentage reduction from maximum during nuclear fragment removal were compared between groups.


Ongoing Study.Results will be updated at time of presentation. Minimum and Maximum IOP in Centurion group was 40±4.0 and 55.5±6.8 mmHg(P<0.05). Minimum and Maximum IOP in the Infiniti group was 30±3.0 and 60±1.2 mmHg(P < .002). Mean percent reduction from maximum was 59% in Group II compared to 35% in Group I (P < .002). Variance in IOP between maximum and minimum was also much less in the Centurion group compared to the Infiniti group. We noted, that whenever the IOP fluctuated, the time taken for the IOP to return to baseline was much shorter with the Centurion.


Early Results of Intraoperative, Real-Time IOP measurements reveal that the absolute IOP rise as well as the fluctuations in the IOP were much less with the Centurion Vision system with active fluidics compared to the Infiniti Vision System.

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