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Comparison of Malyugin Ring® with Visitec© i-Ring™ for small pupil cataract surgery

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First Author: K. Lu UNITED STATES

Co Author(s):    J. Tian   G. Garcia   R. Karanjia   K. Lu           

Abstract Details


To evaluate the effect of the Malyugin Ring® and Visitec© i-Ring™ on post operative pupil distortion in a case of small non-dilating pupil.


Doheny Eye Center, Arcadia, California. UCLA Department of Ophthalmology, Los Angeles, California.


Case Report: A 79-year-old Caucasian woman presented with visually significant bilateral nuclear cataracts and small non-dilating pupils. Patient underwent routine cataract surgery with phacoemulsification in the right eye with the assistance of a Malyugin Ring®. One month later, patient underwent the same procedure in the left eye with the exception that a Visitec© i-Ring™ was used for iris dilation. The amount of distortion from a circle of best fit was calculated for both the postoperative pupils for both pupils by taking the ratio of the post-operative pupil pixel area to the pixel area of the circle-of-best-fit.


Anterior chamber slit lamp photographs were taken of both eyes two months after the fellow eye surgery. The Visitec© i-Ring™, constructed from a softer material and circular in shape (instead of rhomboidal as in the Malyugin Ring®), resulted in less deviation from the ideal post-operative distortion of the pupil compared with the Malyugin Ring®. The distortion by the Malyugin Ring® was 49% more in the post-operative pupil area than the area of the circle-of-best-fit while the distortion by the Visitec© i-Ring™ was 11% more in the post-operative pupil area than the area of the circle-of-best-fit.


The post operative photographs showed less distortion of the pupil using the Visitec© i-Ring™ compared with the Malyugin Ring® suggesting that the softer material and shape of the Visitec© i-Ring™ is less traumatic on the iris.

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