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The influence of prostaglandin analogues on the macula’s condition after phacoemulsification on patients with glaucoma

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First Author: I. Ioshin RUSSIAN FEDERATION

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The development of post-operational macular edema (ME) with prostaglandin analogues (PA) instillation is a matter of discussion. There are two opposite points of view on the necessity of cancelling the PA for the patients with glaucoma before the phacoemulsification.


Federal Institute Clinical Hospital


The study included 58 patients with glaucoma on the hypotensive regime with the use of PA. A standard with no extra complications phacoemulsification was performed on the patients. On 14 patients the monotherapy PA was used, when on 44 patients - a combined therapy (PA + b-bloсkers, PA + carbonic anhydrase inhibitors). A test of the retina thickness and of the macular area volume based on the OCT data before and up to 2 months after the operation was performed. For up to 2 months in the post operational period all the patients received the NSAIDs in drops (indomethacin, nepafenac).


The post-operational period did not present any clinical complications. The average thickness of the retina in the macular area before the operation was 209,4+7,6 microns. In the post-operational period a month after the operation the retina thickness in the latanoprost group was 209,2+5,9 microns, in the travaptost group 207,8+6,9 microns, in the tafluprost group 208+5,4 microns. The average volume of the macular area before the operation was 6,68+0,17 mm3. In the post-operational period the volume of the macular area in the latanoprost group was 6,68+0,19 mm3, in the travaptost group - 6,65+0,13 mm3, in the tafluprost group - 6,61+0,01 mm3. The difference between the pre- and the post-operational data was not accurate (р>0,05).


The absence of the clinical complications, the stability of the IOP and a calm condition of the macular area of the retina show the possibility of continuing the hypotensive regime with the use of PA on patients with glaucoma with the attribution of the NSAIDs.

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