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Descemet's membrane detachment at the main incision in cataract surgery analysed by AS-OCT: comparison of manual 2.75 mm incision, manual 2.2 mm incision and 2.3 femtosecond laser-assisted incision

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First Author: I. Henares-Fernández SPAIN

Co Author(s):    N. Saenz-Madrazo   J. Martinez-Gomez   J. Grijalvo-Lopez              

Abstract Details


To study the incidence of Descemet membrane detachment at the main incision in cataract surgery using the AS-OCT: analysing the different types of incision (size: 2.2 vs 2.75 mm; manual vs femtosecond laser-assisted) as well as the relation with the incision location.


The study was done at the Ophthalmology Service of Basurto Universitary Hospital (Bilbao, Spain) from June until December 2015.


A comparative prospective study was done with 72 consecutive patients who underwent cataract surgery employing phacoemulsification. The type of incision (manual 2.75mm, manual 2.2 mm or 2.3mm femtosecond laser assisted ) was a surgeon’s choice. The first postoperative day an AS-OCT was taken in all patients, centered at the main incision. The image obtained was classified as: No detachment, planar Descemet detachment (when the separation between Descemet membrane and stroma was less than 1 mm) and non-planar Descemet detachment (If the distance was bigger)


72 patients underwent cataract surgery, 33 male and 39 female, 27 right eyes and 45 left eyes. 6 different surgeons participated. In 24 cases a manual 2.75 mm incision was performed, in 20 patients a manual 2.2 incision and in 18 a 2.3 mm femtosecond laser-assisted. No patient presented a non-planar Descemet detachment. 17 patients (23.61%) presented a Plain detachment (<1mm) showed by AS-OCT without any clinical nor visual impact in late postoperative. There were no association among the three types of incisions and the Descemet membrane detachment (X2 (2) =0.53, p> 0.05). There was no association between corneal incision location and Descemet membrane detachment X2(2) = 5.37, p> 0.05.


The sort of incision : manual 2.75mm, manual 2.2 mm or 2.3mm femtosecond laser assisted, was not related to a higher probability of Descemet membrane detachment during cataract surgery. In the same way, incision location was not in relation with a higher risk of Descemet detachment.

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