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Pseudophakic macular edema on clinical practice: a 6 month analysis

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First Author: E. Escobar Martin SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Fernandez Martinez   H. Santiago Balsera   N. Kim   J. Banuelos Banuelos   A. Arias Puente   P. Gili Manzanaro     

Abstract Details


To analyse the incidence of pseudophakic macular edema (PME) after cataract surgery in a tertiary hospital in a 6 month period. To describe possible risk and prognosis factors. To enumerate the different therapeutic options and visual outcomes.


Cataract is the most common surgery performed worldwide. PME remains an important complication and can result in suboptimal postoperative visual acuity (VA).Recent reported rates of PME seem to be between 0,2 and 2,35%. There is no consensus about how to prevent this frequent complication and which treatments are more effective.


Electronic medical history was reviewed from 773 cataract surgeries performed between September 2014 and March 2015. Snellen VA was evaluated 1 month after surgery and those patients with VA<0,5 or visual complaints were evaluated with OCT-cirrus. Patients with previous macular edema were excluded. Nineteen eyes with PME have been found. Structured clinical data were extracted from those patients including: perioperative VA and macular thickness at the moment of diagnosis and during the follow up. Finding of epiretinal membrane (ERM) and treatment were collected. Results have been analysed using Stata-14 software.


Baseline incidence of PME is 2,46%. The patients were 18 men and one woman, with a mean age of 76,01 years. Diabetes was found on the 21,05% and hypertension on the 84,21%. Senior surgeons performed 16 of the 19 cases. 31,57% of eyes had capsule rupture or iris trauma. The delay of time between surgery and diagnosis of PME was 104,31 days [DS 70,15-138,47]. The Snellen VA at diagnosis was 0,39 [SD 0,31-0,47] and the macular thickness 438,27 μm [DS 382,92-493,65]. ERM is found in the 42,11% of patients with a correlation with the VA at diagnosis (Rho: -0,80 (p=0,015). 94,73% were treated with non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Pseudophakic macular edema have a similar incidence in the series than reported. Our study has included patients with diabetes or complications during surgery. We have found a male predominance. Senior surgeons perform the majority of surgeries and complications were found on 31,57%. ERM was found on 42,11% of patients and there is a non-significant association with worse VA. We need to explore in future works if this association is related with poor prognosis.

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