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10 - 14 Sept. 2016, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Accuracy and prediction error of various formulae for intraocular lens power calculation

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Session Details

Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Monofocal IOL

Session Date/Time: Sunday 11/09/2016 | 09:30-11:00

Paper Time: 10:20

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 4

First Author: : S.Kochar INDIA

Co Author(s): :    S. Das   M. Kurian   A. Zope        

Abstract Details


To assess the accuracy and prediction error of five formulae for intraocular lens (IOL) power calculation - SRK-T, BARRETT 1, BARRETT 2, OLSEN and HOLLADAY in adult eyes.


Tertiary eye care centre in Bangalore, India


216 eyes of 197 patients with age related cataract who underwent uncomplicated cataract surgery and IOL implantation by a single surgeon over a period of 6 months were evaluated retrospectively. To predict refractive outcome, axial length (AL), keratometry (K), and manufacturer’s A constant were employed in five IOL power calculation formulae. Residual refraction was measured at 6 weeks post-operatively and converted to spherical equivalent. We calculated the prediction error (PE) (Prediction Error =Predicted refraction – Actual refraction) in each case and the one that gave the best prediction (minimum PE) was determined.


Mean absolute PE was -0.13 for the SRK-T, -0.18 for BARRETT 1, -0.10 BARRETT 2, -0.1 for OLSEN and -0.19 for HOLLADAY. On comparing PE obtained with 5 formulae in each patient, BARRETT 2 gave the minimum mean PE. For all the five formulae, Mean Absolute PE and Mean PE were insignificant (< 0.25 D).


The Prediction Error was insignificant (PE <0.25 D) in all eyes, and similar for all formulae. However, the BARRETT 2 gave the most predictable results for the highest number of eyes.

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