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Normative biometric data in pediatric eyes from birth to 2 years of age

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Session Details

Session Title: Paediatric Cataract Surgery

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 13/09/2016 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 09:26

Venue: Hall C1

First Author: : V.Vasavada INDIA

Co Author(s): :    V. Vasavada   S. Shah   A. Vasavada   S. Vasavada   M. Praveen        

Abstract Details


To report and study the progressive change in ocular biometric parameters such as keratometry(K), axial length(AL), central corneal thickness(CCT), anterior chamber depth(ACD), lens thickness(LT), horizontal corneal diameter(HKD) and intraocular pressure(IOP) at different ages in normal eyes of children from birth upto 2 years of age


Raghudeep Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad, India


Cross-sectional study of 408normal eyes(204 children), both term and preterm)from birth to 2 years with no ocular disease.Children undergoing surgeries for non-ophthalmic conditions under general anaesthesia were examined by an ophthalmologist and optometrist and data recorded during surgeries using appropriate equipment. We randomly selected only one eye for analysis. Keratometry was performed using a Nidek handheld autokeratometer.AL,ACD and LT were measured with contact ultrasound A-Scan. HKD was measured using caliper.Corneal thickness was measured by ultrasonic pachymetry.IOP was measured using handheld applanation tonometry. Mean values at each age, and change with age upto 2 years were analyzed.


Age was categorized in months as:<36weeks of gestation (premature,n=32),0.1-3(n=36),3.1-6(n=4),6.1-9(n=44),9.1-12(n=36) 12.1-24(n=52) months.The mean aggregate K was 46.58±6.09 (range 34.81-63.62) diopters, mean IOP 11.93±2.50 (range 7.9-22.2)mm Hg, mean AL 20.49±2.76(range 12.54-25.07)mm,mean CCT 540.76±51.17(range 438.0-673.0)µm, mean ACD 3.31±0.67(range 1.34-4.80)mm, mean LT 3.97±0.60 (range 2.70-5.50)mm and mean HKD 10.62±1.34 (range 7.3-12.8) mm. The multiple regression analysis found that with increase in age by one month, the axial length increased by 0.709 mm (P<0.001), the mean CCT decreased by -0.175mm (P<0.001) and the average keratometry decreased by -0.294 diopters(P<0.001)


This information provides useful reference values of biometric data in infants, as well as gives expected rate of change. This can be very useful in the refractive management of pediatric patients requiring cataract extraction.

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