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To show safety and efficacy of topoguided LASIK in steep corneas

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First Author: P.Subudhi INDIA

Co Author(s): S. Patro                    

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Steep cornea more than 47 diopters is considered as red flag for LASIK. Main aim of this study was to see the effectiveness of topoguided lasik performed by allegretto Ex 500 with topo link (contoura LASIK)


Ruby Eye Hospital, Berhampur, Odisha


The study evaluated 20 eyes of 10 patients. Mean age group 23.4 years. None of the patients had any family history of keratoconus. Mean refractive error corrected was -5.67 diopters. Mean central corneal thickness 523 microns. Mean simulated average keratometry was 46.8 diopters. Flap creation was performed with 90 microns Moria SBK microkeratome. mean percentage tissue alteration (PTA) was measured to be 25%. None of the eyes had buttonhole or free flap.


All patients had satisfactory visual outcome on post operative day 1. 9 patients were able to read 6/5 line in snellen visual acuity chart. 1 patient improved to 6/6. vision remained stable at 1st month , 6 th month and 12th month. none of the patients complained of starburst and haloes. Night driving performance was compromised initially but improved by 1st month and remained stable thereafter. 2 patients joined defence services.


Steep corneas should not be a deterrent factor for performing LASIK. However thin corneas,high manifest cylinder, BCVA not 6/6 and high intraoperative PTA may be considered as stronger red flags in comparision to steep keratometry

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