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Clinical evidence of ambient temperature variations on femtosecond laser performance and comparison with a mechanical microkeratome

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First Author: B.Pajic-Eggspuehler SWITZERLAND

Co Author(s): Z. Cvejic   V. Canadanovic   B. Pajic              

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To assess the consistency of flaps created by a femtosecond laser compared to a mechanical microkeratome as part of LASIK procedure


Eye Clinic ORASIS, Swiss Eye Reseach Foundation, Reinach AG, Switzerland


Clinical outcomes were analyzed in 652 myopic eyes after LASIK surgery. Minimum follow-up time was 6 months. Mean age of patients was 35 ± 8.6 years (median: 34 years). Preoperative mean refractive spherical equivalent was -3.71 ± 2.68 in the femtosecond laser group (range -9.75 to -1.50 D) and -3.40 ± 2.56 in the mechanical microkeratome group (range -9.88 to -1.25 D). Flaps were created either using a 60 kHz IntraLase Femtosecond Laser, with an intended flap thickness of 120 μm, or with a Ziemer Amadeus II microkeratome equipped with 140 µm head. Pre- and postoperative assessment was performed using confocal corneal laser-scanning microscopy. For all procedures the same excimer laser was used


Mean visual acuity comparing baseline and frst day after surgery improved in both groups signifcantly and remained stable over the follow-up period of 6 months. Difference in mean visual acuity was not statistically signifcant between the groups during the follow up period (p > 0.05). The mean flap thickness in the femtosecond laser group was 119 ± 4.6 μm (range 111 to 129 μm) and 143 ± 21.9 μm (range 93 to 178 μm) in the microkeratome group


Creation of LASIK flaps using a femtosecond laser provides a higher degree of precision and safety during the procedure but shows more inhomogeneity in the cut quality related to a temperature fluctuation in the surgery room

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