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Implantation of multifocal IOL after LASIK

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First Author: M.Končarević CROATIA

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Until recently, refractive results were not as good as expected in patients who develop cataract after some kind of keratorefractive procedures. Most of those patients had some refractive surprise after cataract surgery and the reason can be found in current instrumental error in keratometry readings which consequently result in IOL formula error. Due to the inaccuracy in IOL calculations and optical quality of altered cornea,multifocal IOLs were not advised for implantation. With improvement in IOL calculations, development of new MFIOLs and improvement in excimer lasers and techniques, nowdays MFIOL can be considered as an option for those kind of patients.


Specialty Eye Hospital Svjetlost, Zagreb, CroatiaSchool of Medicine, University of Rjeka, Croatia


21 patients underwent binocular cataract surgery with implantation of Symfony IOL. All patients had some type of keratorefractive surgery in the past.13 eyes were myopic prior to the keratorefractive surgery and 8 eyes were hyperopic. IOL power was calculated with two methods: IOL Master and ASCRS web page ( Uncorrected distance (UDVA) and near (UNVA) visual acuity, spherical equivalent (SE) and high order aberrations were measured at 3 and 6 months postoperatively.


In eyes with previous myopia average UDVA was 0,06±0,08LogMAR(range 0,2 to 0,0), average UNVA was 0,07±0,08LogMAR (range 0,2 to 0,0) and SE was +0,28±0,34D (range -0,50 to +0,75D).Average values of trefoil were 0,09±0,07µm (range 0,03 to 0,18), coma 0,18±0,10µm (range 0,07±0,21), and spherical aberration -0,05±0,07µm (-0,14 to 0,07). In previous hyperopic eyes average UDVA 0,05±0,08LogMAR (range 0,2 to 0,0), average UNVA was 0,06±0,07LogMAR (range 0,2 to 0,0) and SE was -0,12±0,20D (range -0,50 to +0,25D).Average values of trefoil were 0,13±0,08µm (range 0,06 to 0,24), coma 0,23±0,10µm (range 0,10 to 0,28) and spherical aberration -0,02±0,13µm (range -0,15 to 0,08).


Implantation of multifocal IOLs after previous keratorefractive surgery offers satisfactory postoperative results. Further refinement in IOL power calculations is definitelyneeded to improve refractive outcome in high demanding patients.

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