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Qualitative and quantitative study of ophthalmic consultation in France: a multicentre descriptive survey

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First Author: P.Santiago FRANCE

Co Author(s): F. Becquet   X. Zanlonghi   J. Bosc              

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This study aimed to precisely map the current ophthalmic consultation in France through a systematic data collection in one consultation day.


SJM Ophtalliance Group


Nine ophthalmologic centres have participated to the survey, performing 1148 observations of patients aged from 2 to 102 years old, with an average of 55.12 years old and a men/women distribution equal to 43.8% / 56.2%.


Usually, the patients came either spontaneously (28.8%) or for a follow-up (59.6%). The emergency consultations constituted 5.7% of all cases. The comorbidities or the major risk factors were found.Most of the patients already presented a visual correction (82.6 %), mainly glasses (77.3 %). At the end of the consultation 48.2 % benefited from a prescription for a new optical correction.During the interview, 53.3% of the patients reported visual symptoms, more frequently blurred, distortion or loss of sight. 25.3% of the patients felt eye symptoms such as pain, watery eyes or itching. An ophthalmic disease was the reason of the consultation in 77.1 % of all cases. Its management included a medical and/or surgical treatment (45.6% and 10.5% respectively). The necessary tests were performed on site the same day and only 2.6% of the patients were given a prescription for an additional test to perform somewhere else in a referral centre.


From a qualitatively and quantitatively representative sample, this survey describes the ophthalmic consultation nowadays in France in terms of age, distribution man / woman, reason, breakdown between visual correction and other diseases, diagnosis and treatment management.

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