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A step toward long lasting keratoplasty in medically challenging corneal grafts

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First Author: Z.Shukur IRAQ

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To show the effectiveness of lamellar keratoplasty in highly risk corneal grafts with peripheral corneal vascularization and cases with very thin peripheral corneas.


Ibsar ophthalmology center Najaf , Iraq ,from May2014 to January 2015, 8 eyes were chosen ,retrospectively, all operations done by the same surgeon


8 cases were chosen in this retrospective study were two eyes with advanced keratoglobus, three cases of advanced keratoconus and scar in DM (Descemet's membrane) and advanced peripheral corneal vascularization , two cases of keratoconus with deep stromal scar and one with central scar in DMAll surgeries done in Ibsar center of ophthalmology in Najaf district, Iraq, the cases were collected between May 2014 till January2015All operations done by the same surgeon,


There is significantly improvement in the BCVA(best corrected visual acuity ) level after 7, 30, 60 and 180 days after the surgery in all eyes, with no risk of endothelial rejection even in associated advanced peripheral corneal vascularization.


Lamellar corneal graft is a good alternative for pkp in highly risk graft with peripheral corneal vascularization , and in cases where pkp is technically challenging as in keratoglobus with thin peripheral corneas.The BCVA is acceptable if weighted against the high risk of endothelial rejection after pkp or wound dehiscence in thin peripheral corneal stump.

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