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Unusual case of infective keratitis with underlying ocular surface disorder and systemic association

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First Author: M.Ohn UK

Co Author(s): T. Butler                    

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To highlight the importance of taking past medical history and also to examine the fellow eye in cases of infective keratitis.


James Paget University Hospital, Norfolk, UK


Case report(I like to submit as Cornea day presentation please if possible. Poster is my second choice)


A 60 years old lady presented to casualty with left sided pseudomonas related infective keratitis with underlying dry eyes and cornea epithelial basement membrane dystrophy. It was treated with proper sensitive topical antibiotics, Levofloxacin and Cefuroxine. However, the infection was very difficult to control. In her history, she had laparoscopy surgeries and bowel resections 4 times for her Crohn's disease which was diagnosed in 1983. Her frequency of defecation was 12 to 15 times a day. Conjunctiva of her fellow eye had Bitot spots and we found she had very low vitamin A. Vitamin A was replaced systemically and the infective keratitis improved after the replacement.


Infective keratitis and its treatment could be challenging sometimes especially if there was association with ocular surface disorders caused by systemic conditions. Vitamin A deficiency is not commonly found in our practice especially in the UK. Ophthalmologist should aware proper history taking and fellow eye examination can make life easier in treating infective keratitis.

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