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Deep corneal edema in the early period after corneal collagen cross-linking

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First Author: N.Kachuriak UKRAINE

Co Author(s): N. Polunina                    

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To present a rare case of edema of the deep layers of the corneal stroma in the early postoperative period following after corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) consistently observed in both eyes of the same patient at an interval of 6 months.


Kiev Center of therapy and eye microsurgery, Kiev, Ukraine


A 23-year-old male with progressive keratoconus on the both eyes was undergone epithelium-off accelerated CXL (18 mW/cm2 for 5 min) on the right eye. Procedure proceeded uneventful. Topical antibiotic and lubricants ( drops and gel) were prescribed. In three days the patient returned complaining of the appearance of a thick fog in his right eye. Slit-lamp examination revealed an edema of the deep layers of the corneal stroma. We added steroid eye drops QID. Rheumatic, endocrine, allergic and other diseases were excluded. In two weeks corneal transparency was restored. In 6 month we had seen the signs of keratoconus progression on the fellow eye and performed CXL on the left eye. The script was repeated.


In both eyes we observed the same postoperative response: appearance deep corneal edema in 3 days after CXL, that successfully resolved in 2 weeks after added steroid eye drops. Three month later UCVA ( Uncorrected Visual Acuity) was the same as preoperatively. Six month later one line was gained in UCVA, cornea was clear and stable on the both eyes.


Accelerated corneal cross-linking is a safe and effective procedure for stabilizing the cornea in case of keratoconus progression. However,a frequent and strict follow-up is mandatory for prompt and proper management of complications.

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