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Patient satisfaction following application of overnight orthokeratology lenses in Iran: results of a questionnaire-based survey

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First Author: M.Esnaashari IRAN

Co Author(s): S. Moghadam                    

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Flattening of corneal curvature with subsequent myopic reduction could be achieved by orthokeratology (OK), by fitting of sequential rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses with decreasing central curvature would applied. Despite promising results in reducing the myopic refractive error, patients dissatisfaction due to OK lenses had been reported in studies. The aim of this study was to record level of patient satisfaction following overnight OK lenses.


This descriptive analytical questionnaire study was conducted at Razavi Hospital, Mashhad, Iran, 2014.


We included 23 Iranian patients, 7 males and 16 females, with age range of 11 years to 43 years old. They were eligible ti fit by rigid OK lenses (Boston XO) following consent and ocular examinations. The standard questioner has been used to document sign and symptoms following checking the reliability and validity.


Results revealed that 70%, 22%, 4% and 4% of study subjects became familiar with OK lenses through examiner, other people, other experts and internet, respectively. Out of 23 subjects, 5 (21.7%) had former history of using soft contact lens. During application of OK lenses 95.7% of subjects used it all of night. Six cases (26.1%) declared morning symptoms, whereby 2 (8.7%) cases had red eye. Photosensitivity was reported by 11 (47.8%), 61% had reduced vision at night, 22% declared blurring of vision at near, whereas only 9% had blurring of vision at far and 70% claimed that had no difference in their far and near vision. Ninety one percent didn’t declare any complaint during foggy or rainy days. Ninety percent had no color discrimination problem, 70% had acceptable contrast sensitivity and 87% stated that OK is compatible with their terms and working environment. Overall 73.9% of our subjects were satisfied.


Our overall satisfaction rate with OK lenses was comparable with other studies.

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