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Computer-based tutorial as supportive means to enhance quality and efficiency of the informed consent process for cataract surgery in Turkish or Serbian speaking patients

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First Author: M.Ruiss AUSTRIA

Co Author(s): N. Hirnschall   J. Hienert   O. Findl              

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In one of our previous studies it was shown that usage of an interactive computer-based tool (CatInfo) in addition to a face-to-face discussion with a physician during the informed consent process increased patient’s knowledge and reduced discussion time. However, at the moment the CatInfo tool is only available in German language. Hence, we aim to translate a Turkish and a Serbian version of the CatInfo tool to assess if it increases patient’s knowledge.


Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery (VIROS), a Karl-Landsteiner-Institute, Hanusch Hospital, Vienna.


Patients who are literate in Turkish or Serbian with a proper understanding of German scheduled for cataract surgery are randomly allocated into study group or control group. Via an interactive computer-based tool (CatInfo) patients will then see a detailed audio-visual presentation about cataracts (study group) or a “placebo” video (control group). Afterwards the participants will have a face-to-face discussion with their ophthalmologist. Immediately after the interview and on the day of surgery all patients receive a questionnaire including knowledge and demographic data questions.


In a previous study the German version of the CatInfo tool has already been validated and showed that duration of the face-to-face informed consent interview was significantly shorter in the CatInfo group compared to control group. Furthermore, patients in the study group answered slightly more questions correctly than patients in the control group (16.3 vs. 15.6 out of 19 points). The evaluation of the Turkish and Serbian version of the CatInfo tool will be presented.


The German version of CatInfo is a valuable tool to enhance quality and efficiency of the informed consent process for the patient and the physician. The new version of the CatInfo tool aims to improve knowledge about cataract surgeries in Turkish or Serbian speaking patients.

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