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Comparison and evaluation of the application of Morcher’s pupil dilator, Malyugin ring, Oasis Pupil expansion ring and Visitec I-Ring during cataract phacoemulsification of patients with narrow pupils

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First Author: M.Petrova BULGARIA

Co Author(s): B. Kutchoukov   A. Yaneva   G. Ivanova              

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To illustrate the results of the application of various pupil expansion devices during phacoemulsification among patients with insufficient medicationally achieved mydriasis.


UMHAT 'Queen Giovanna” – ISUL, Department of Ophthalmology Medical University - Sofia


For the period between 01.04.2013 – 01.04.2017 we have applied four different pupil expansion rings among 47 of our patients with insufficient medicationally achieved mydriasis during phacoemulsification. We injected the rings before the stage of capsulorhexis, after infusing the anterior chamber with dispersive and cohesive visco - substance. Whenever it was necessary, we have performed viscodisection of the posterior synechiae. After the pupil’s dilation we proceed with the common stages: rhexis, hydrodissection; phaco- stop & chop; irrigation/aspiration; visco infusion. Afterwards we explant the ring and continue with the IOL implantation. The patients are followed up on the first and thirtieth day.


There were no unusual intra- and postoperative complications among the 47 operated patients, connected with the use of Morcher’s Pupil dilator, Malyugin’s Ring, Oasis Pupil expansion ring or the Visitec I-Ring. Since we use surgical tweezers for the implantation of the ring it is necessary for the corneal tunnel to be shorter, in order to facilitate the implantation and explantation.


The use of pupil dilator rings is an easy, convenient and safe method for dilatation during phacoemulsification, without leading to side effects and complications.

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