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A retrospective review of refractive outcomes and surgically induced astigmatism in two different intraocular lenses

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First Author: H.Lee UK

Co Author(s): N. Patel                    

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To review and compare refractive outcomes of two different in the bag intra ocular lens implants following routine cataract extraction.


Large district general hospital in East Kent, England


Refractive outcomes from routine cataract surgery using lens 1 - a hydrophilic aspheric intra ocular lens implant (Rayner C-flex) and lens 2 - a hydrophobic aspheric intraocular lens implant (Zeiss CT Lucia) which are delivered via a clear corneal wound following phacoemulsification. Statistical analysis Excel Microsoft v 2003 - 2007 and Graphpad software was used to analyse data.


218 eyes for Lens 1 and 427 for Lens 2 were analysed. Lens 1 was implanted by a single consultant surgeon and Lens 2 were implanted by surgeons of consultant and registrar grades. There was no statistically significant difference between the prediction error of spherical equivalent between the two intra-ocular lenses. (unpaired t-test p = 0.9). 84.9% and 89.3% of refractive outcomes were within +/-1D of predicted for Lens 1 and Lens 2 respectively. There was a statistically significant cylindrical change pre and post op for Lens 1.


There was no statistically significant difference in the prediction error of spherical equivalent between the two intra ocular lenses. Lens 1 required loading of the IOL in a provided lens injector requiring extension of the 2.75mm incision wound which may explain the change in post operative cylinder. Lens 2 was a pre-loaded IOL delivered through a 2.75mm wound. Limitation to our retrospective review is the comparison of single surgeon of Lens 1 to multi-surgeon outcomes of Lens 2. We are currently in the process of direct head to head comparison of Lens 1 and 2.

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