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Reverse Kelman phaco tip in management of posterior polar cataract as an efficient multifunctional tool

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First Author: A.Handique INDIA

Co Author(s): A. Tamuli                    

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To evaluate the efficacy of ‘Reverse Kelman Phacotip’ in comparison to regular Kelman phacotip in the management of Posterior polar cataract. Posterior polar cataract requires a planned execution of surgical maneuver to avoid the inherent risk of posterior capsular rupture. Limited hydroprocedure, stress free nucleus division, abstinence from nucleus rotation are some of the recommendations to avoid complications. The most popular ‘Regular Kelman phacotip’ is found to be cumbersome to execute some of these steps. The versatile ‘Reverse Kelman phacotip’ may prove beneficial in these situations.


Lion K K Saharia Eye Hospital, Dibrugarh, Assam, India


Phacoemulsification in 9 cases of posterior polar cataracts in adult was performed using a ‘reverse Kelman phacotip’. All surgeries were performed using same techniques by the right-handed author. The surgical approach differs from the one done by regular Kelman phacotip because of instrument design and will be demonstrated in presentation. These surgeries in regard of efficiency and cumulated dissipated phaco energy (CDE) were compared with another 9 randomly selected adult posterior polar cataracts from recent record.


Reverse Kelman phacotip was found statistically equivalent to regular Kelman phacotip in regard of surgery time, CDE and complication rate in this small series. However the Reverse Kelman phacotip was found superior in regard of versatile use to avoid nucleus rotation and removal of epinucleus and cortex.


The versatile ‘Reverse Kelman phacotip’ was found superior to regular Kelman phacotip to adhere to recommended surgical protocol of posterior polar cataract. Minimum instrument requirement and precise execution may influence surgical time, complications and infection rate which were not clearly evident in these small series of cases.

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