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IOL exchange as treatment of UGH Plus syndrome

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First Author: G.Camburu ROMANIA

Co Author(s): M. Zemba                    

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The presentation of the etiology and treatment of a Cataract Surgery Complication, UGH Syndrome Plus.Uveitis-Glaucoma-Hyphema Syndrome is a rare condition caused by the mechanical trauma of an intracular lens malpositioned over adjacent structures(iris, ciliary body, iridocorneal angle) leading to a spectrum of iris transillumination defects, microhyphemas and pigmentary dispersion, concomitant with elevated intraocular pressure.


the Department of Ophthalmology in Central Military University Hospital Bucharest, Romania


A vitrectomized patient, who underwent an uncomplicated ACIOL surgery implant, returned for an episode of blurry vision months after the surgery accompanied by pain, photophbia, erythropsia, anterior uveitis, hyphema along with raised intraocular pressure. Based on careful history and examination as well as appropriate investigations confirmed the diagnostic. IOL Exchange with scleral fixed was performed.


Intraocular Pressure and VA after treatment were 16 mmHG and 0.7


The Explantation of the ACIOL is an effective method for the treatment of UGH.

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