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Cataract flip side' anatomic and topographic features of anterior vitreous cortex

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Session Details

Session Title: Cataract
Session Date/Time: Saturday 10/02/2018 | 08:30-11:00
Paper Time: 08:42
Venue: Blue Hall

First Author: M.Veselkova RUSSIA
Co Author(s): N. Kislitsina  S. Novikov  A. Kolesnik  S. Kolesnik        

Abstract Details


to study anatomic and topographic features of vitreous body (VB) in the area of lens and pars plana of ciliary body by applying contrast enhancement of VB structures


S.Fyodorov “Eye Microsurgery Complex” - Federal State Institution of Rosmedtechnology, Moscow, Russian Federation


The study was conducted on 20 cadaver donor eyes. To aid in visualization of semi-transparent vitreous fibers we used originally developed 'Vitreocontrast' ultra dispense suspension (non-organic barium sulfate in isotonic solution, a particle size of less than 5 microns and a density of 4.4 g / cm3), poorly soluble in water with high mechanical adhesion properties to VB fibers. For an eye dissection we used original technique: after removing sclera, choroid and retina we consecutively stained with 'Vitreoconstrast' and removed VB fibers in direction from the anterior part of VB to the surface of posterior lens capsule.


Anterior vitreous cortex (anterior hyaloid) is a complex structure formed by numerous isolated organized layers. Layer- by layer structure of anterior vitreous cortex is consecutively and anatomically attached to posterior lens capsule, zonules of Zinn, ciliary body and retina. It was shown that after separation of anterior hyaloid from posterior lens capsule, vitreous fibers were present on the posterior lens capsule in all cases and in some cases formed a thin layer intimately attached to the posterior lens capsule, suggesting the existence of retrolental bursa(bag) with anterior wall attached to the lens rather than retrolental space(Berger space) with no anterior wall.


The novel conception concerning ultrastructure of the cortical layers can explain potential pathogenetic mechanisms of vitreous destruction, retinal detachments and macular pathology following phacoemulsification, posterior capsulorhexis and laser posterior capsulotomy

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